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Decarbonisation, Decarbonology & Decarbonomics Expert 

Celebrating 27 Years of Expertise 

About us:

VPA India,

Decarbonisation, Decarbonology & Decarbonomics Expert,

Celebrating 27 Years of Expertise,


About us:

VPA India started its operation on 05-March-1997 as an Environmental consultancy & audit service company. Later on, the founder Mr. Vijay Patel studied M.S.-Environmental technology from Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus, Germany with master’s thesis on the topic of GHG emission allowances trading system in Europe and USA- A comparison of EU ETS and RGGI of USA. During this he also studied at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA. Afterward, he extended its carbon emission business in January 2008 by providing consultancy and audit services to various carbon credits and corporate sustainability reporting projects. He also worked as a lead auditor for carbon credit project’s validation and verification at DOE/VVB company SGS SA. VPA has executed many carbon credit and sustainability reporting projects over the course of time. The clients include from manufacturing, steel, cement, energy, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, infrastructure sectors.


For the opportunities in compliance and voluntary carbon markets; VPA India offer carbon assets facilitation under various standards such as CDM of UNFCCC, Gold standard and VERRA. The nature related offerings include Natural capital accounting, Biodiversity credits, Nature credits, Ecosystem goods & services valuation. For achieving the target under the Convention on Biological Diversity, we identify the areas for project of biodiversity credits.


>>> The areas of expertise include: -

>> Carbon credit consultancy and advisory for:

> Terrestrial land carbon credit projects:

- AFOLU, ARR, WRC, Climate, SDGs, Community, Social, Biodiversity, Nature, Net zero transition.

- Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ Framework Program or Project (FREL/FRL based, JNR Scenario 2 is preferred).

- Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in developing countries (REDD+).

- Afforestation / Reforestation / Revegetation / Restoration, Improved Forest Management, Agroforestry.

- Regenerative Agriculture, soil carbon, Improved agricultural land management.

- Forest conservation result-based payment to government under UN REDD+ program and ART – TREES carbon standard.

> Blue carbon credit projects:

- Coastal & tidal wetland - Restoration and conservation: Mangroves, salt marshes, seagrass meadows, seaweed farming and kelp forests.

- Fresh water - Restoration and conservation: Marshes and grasses.


>> Sustainability consultancy and advisory for:

- Climate change risk & opportunity assessments.

- GHG quantification under CBAM (EU).

- Corporate and product carbon footprint.

- Carbon neutral certification.

- Corporate sustainability reporting for GRI, CDP, BRSR.

- Product Life Cycle Assessment study.

- GreenCo, GreenPro certification and rating.

- ESG investment strategy.

- Green & Sustainability linked bonds.

- Emission allowances/permits compliance under emissions trading system or carbon tax.

- Extended Producer’s Responsibilities (EPR).


>> Sustainability Third-party audit, assurance and verification for:

- Corporate sustainability reporting for GRI, CDP, BRSR.

- Carbon footprint.

- CBAM (EU).

- Various ESG rating standards.


>>> The list of services provided and products traded by us is as below,


>> Sustainability and Nature services provided by us are:

Carbon credit trading _ Consultant / Advisor / Expert / Developer / Trader / Broker / Retailer.

Carbon footprint - Corporate sustainability _ Consultant / Advisor / Auditor / Verifier.

Greenhouse gas emission allowances permit trading system _ Intensity target, Cap & Trade.

Carbon credit _ Validation / Registration / Verification / Certification / Issuances / Trading.

Clean development mechanism _ Project design & monitoring report, PA A6 - UNFCCC.

Gold standard for the global goals _ Sustainable development goals - GSF, Switzerland.

Architecture for REDD+ Transactions (ART) _ The REDD+ Environmental Excellence Standard (TREES).

VERRA - Verified carbon standard _ VCS, CCBS, SD Vista, J N REDD+ F, PWRS - USA.

Biodiversity credit, Biodiversity footprint, Nature credit, Blue carbon credit.

Natural capital accounting, Environmental economic accounting, Ecosystem services valuation.

Climate bonds _ Objectives evaluation, Additionality, Validation, Monitoring, Verification, Impact assessment.

Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) _ Standards - SBTi, CDP, GRI. Assurance - IAASB, ISSA-5000.

Business responsibility and Sustainability reporting (BRSR) _ NGRBC - LODR - SEBI - MCA - India.

ISO 14064 & Emission scope - 1, 2, 3, _ Inventory, Performance, Audit - Direct, Indirect, Indirect.

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism _ EU CBAM. Product Life Cycle carbon footprint.

Product Life cycle assessment _ ISO 14040 to 14044. GHG Protocol, ISO 14067. Net zero emissions

Eco label _ GreenCo, GreenPro – CII. Carbon neutral certification _ PAS 2060 (UK), ISO 14068-1


>> Sustainability and Nature products traded by us are:

Carbon emission allowance permit / offset - trading, (CCM / VCM).

Certified emission reduction (CER) - Credit trading, (UNFCCC).

Verified / Voluntary emission reduction (VER) - Credit trading, (GSFGG).

Emission reduction and removal (ERR) - Credit trading, (ART - TREES).

Verified carbon unit (VCU) - Credit trading, (VERRA - VCS).


For your business’s enquiries, please contact VPA India at following contact details.

Registered office: A-31, Shastri nagar society, Deluxe crossing, Nizampura, 390002, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Branch office: 26, Indu Chacha house, Channi circle, Nizampura, 390002, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Mobile: +91 8905541120 (WhatsApp) / +91 8905541125

Email ID: info@decarbonisation.expert

Websites: https://decarbonisation.expert

B2B Catalogue: https://indiamart.com/vpa-india

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/vpaindia


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